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KolaDaisi University Library is situated in a serene environment, the library serves as the heartbeat of the University community catering for the information and intellectual need of both student, academic and non-teaching staff members. Read More


Physical Library

The Physical Library of Koladaisi University is characterized by serene and conducive environment that invites exploration, discovery and a love for learning. It also has sufficient work areas, arrangement that meets the needs of various users, organized book stacks that are available to users,  etc.

Virtual Library

Virtual Library which is also known as e-Library has an expansive and accurate system of searching with large volumes of texts and other unlimited resources. Our Digital Libraries can be accessed from anywhere, and at anytime with the aids of internet connectivity. e-Library is the most resourceful…

The Librarian

Chukwuemeka O. Anthony a seasoned Librarian trained in the Library School of the Primer University Ibadan. He is a complete gentleman though an aggressive goal-getter with sharp cognitive skills, coupled with hyper-resources mentality. A good team player yet able to work unsupervised,…..


KDU Library has been progressively experiencing unprecedented development ever since the school was founded in 2016. The Establishment which has Mr. O. I. Ogunshola  as the Pioneer Head..

KDU serene, comfortable and resourceful Library will help you develop reading habit.

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